Gallery Help

15 reasons Local Easel will help local galleries?

  1. Be found on Local Easel and its print publications and increase search engine
  2. Local Easel is a comprehensive search engine for local visual art to increase the
    community’s interaction with visual art.
  3. Give insight into your business, your artists and your art to help customers connect with
    your art on a deeper level and relate to your gallery and artists in a new way.
  4. Our service is free!
  5. In a few clicks you can claim your gallery page.
  6. Customize your gallery profile and links for browsers to visit your location and links.
  7. Create and tag artwork collections so your artwork stands out in Fort Collins.
  8. Create events/exhibitions and add your gallery to events/exhibitions on our local visual
    arts event calendar.
  9. Add artists to your gallery and create collections of their artwork that is displayed in
    your gallery.
  10. Tag all of your content to be more easily found.
  11. Connect with local customers, artists and other venues.
  12. Share your stories with the local community.
  13. Leverage our network of cutting edge technology that enters the new frontier of local,
    niche-focused, social search and tagging.
  14. Local Easel digs deeper into the stories of you and your art.
  15. Tell your friends about the site and you can be featured on the homepage.

How do I claim my gallery?

  1. Search for your gallery. Select your gallery’s picture to enter your gallery page.
  2. Select “is this your gallery?” under the contact information (to the right of your storefront
  3. Enter your business email OR phone number. E-mail will be the quickest and easiest way to
    claim your gallery page. If you can, use an email that has the same domain as your website
  4. After you submit your request, check your email and follow instructions to either proceed to
    claim your page or verify yourself as the gallery owner.

(If you register with a phone number, we will call you to quickly verify that you are the director/owner before you can claim your gallery.)

How do I add my gallery?

Select “add my gallery” in the upper right hand corner and fill out the form. A Local
Easel staff member will verify your gallery and allow you to claim your gallery.

What qualifies as a gallery?

Galleries are physical locations in Fort Collins that sell or display art.
This includes galleries, museums, art organizations, artist studios or local businesses
that sell and/or display visual art.

How do I have my art/gallery/artists featured on the home page?

If you tell five artist and/or gallery owners to claim/add their page, send us an email with their
names and we will feature your content on our homepage.
Also, if you want your art to be the large image on the homepage, send us a high resolution
picture in an email that says, “You can use this image on Local Easel’s home page.”

Does Local Easel cost me anything?

Local Easel is a free service. Managing your pages and having an account on Local Easel
will always be free; we want no barriers to entry for local galleries, artists and customers to
use Local Easel. We just ask that you use the site often and tell your friends to get involved.

How can I manage my gallery information?

To manage your gallery information login and go to "Gallery Profile". If you have not done it
yet, remember to claim your gallery first so we can match you up to your gallery.

What can I customize on my gallery page?

Once you have claimed your gallery, go to“Gallery Profile” to edit your gallery information.
You can add and edit your name, primary website, e-mail addresses, phone numbers,
detailed description, storefront image, hours, price range, parking information, and links to
Facebook, Twitter, your blog, media coverage and more.

You can also add tags to your gallery so it can be more easily found. Tag your gallery category,
gallery neighborhood, gallery mediums, and add other tags.

You can also add artists to your gallery and create and edit artwork collections and create events.

How do I create events?

Once you have claimed your gallery page, go to “Gallery Events.” View your gallery events
calendar here and select “add new event” to create events.

You can add and edit the event title, event website, start date, date and time, location and event

How do I create artwork collections?

Once you have claimed your gallery page, go to“Gallery Collections” in the home view. From
this management screen you can create new collections by selecting “new collection,” or
edit existing collections by selecting the images of the collection.
If you are creating a new collection, add the collection name and create new tags for your
collection, or select from our list of hundreds of tags.

From here you can add multiple artworks from a website[add link], add art individually [add link], edit artwork and
delete collections.

Adding multiple artworks from a website to a collection

You can add your artwork images to collections from any website with images. Most
websites allow you to upload multiple images at once; however, to add images to collections
from flash sites, Facebook, and a few other sites, you will need to upload images individually[add link].

  1. Find the site with some of the images that you would like to add to your collection and copy
    the url.
  3. Then paste the URL in to the multiple artwork uploader and select “find artwork.” It may take
    a few moments to display all the images below in the uploader. Select which images to
    include by clicking the checkboxes for all the art that you want to add and select “add
    selected artworks.”
  5. After you add selected artworks to add them to the gallery, hover over the art and select the
    “edit” button to edit artworks.

ANCHOR from gallery/my collections

Adding artwork to collections individually

To add images to collections from flash sites, Facebook, and a few other sites, you will need
to upload images individually because these sites don’t allow users to instantly upload
multiple[add link].

Find the image you would like to add online and right click and select copy image location if using
Firefox. (To add images from Facebook you will need to open the image in lightbox view
like the image below).


(If using Internet Explorer, right click and select properties and copy the image Address (URL))

Then paste the URL in to the individual artwork uploader and select “find artwork.” You can
add further information about the artwork such as the artwork name, website, artist, name,
price, subject, medium and other tags from this screen.


How do I edit artwork in my collections?

To edit artwork in collections, go to “Gallery Collections” and select the collection you want to

  1. Select “edit collection” to edit the collection name and tags.
  2. To edit individual artworks, and artwork details hover over the artwork in the collection and
    select the “edit,” button.
  3. Make changes to artwork name, description, website, name, price, subject, medium and
    other tags from this screen, then select “save artwork” to save changes.

How do I add artists to my gallery?

Go to “Gallery Artists” in the home view. From this management screen you can view the
artists added to your gallery and add new artists.

  1. Select add new artist.
  2. From this screen you can search for artists to add.
    If you cannot find the artist when you
    search, they are not in our search database. You can either “add a new artist” in the upper right-hand corner, or contact the artist and have them add themselves.
  3. When you select an artist to add to your gallery, enter a description and the artist’s email. You
    can also create an artwork collection for every artist in your gallery.