What is Local Easel?

Local Easel is a local art search engine and network of galleries, artists and art lovers.

If you are a artist or gallery owner learn more about Local Easel in Artist Help and Gallery Help.

How do I find galleries, artist, events and artworks?

Type your search query in the search bar or browse through our navigation of “galleries,”
“artists,” and “events and exhibitions.” Filter and narrow your search from these search results.

Click on the pictures or event/exhibition titles for more information and artworks.

What if I didn’t find a local gallery or artist page?

We have found many local galleries and artists, but we don’t have everyone. Let us know
about any artist or gallery our search engine doesn’t have by selecting “new gallery” or “new
artist” in the upper right corner.

Do you sell art on your localeasel.com?

No. Local Easel is a search engine and network of galleries, artists and customers making
local art, galleries and artists more findable, but we don’t handle transactions.

What is a collection?

A collection is a set of images of local art. A board can be created by a gallery, artist,
and any member with an account.

Copy image link locations or websites with many images from anywhere on the web and
paste these urls in the collection artwork uploader to store and display artwork. Use “My Collections”
to create collections on any topic, such as My Art Wishlist, Artists I like, Inspirations,
or Favorite Art.

Does Local Easel cost me anything?

Local Easel is a free service. Managing your pages and having an account on Local Easel
will always be free; we want no barriers to entry for local galleries, artists and customers to
use Local Easel. We just ask that you use the site often and tell your friends to get involved.

How to change my profile?

When logged in, go to “My Profile.” Change your name, avatar image, email or about
you description.

How do I add an avatar image with a URL to my profile?

  1. Go to the site image you would like to link to and display.
  2. Right click on the image and select either “Copy Image Location,” or select “Properties”
    and highlight the Address (URL) and copy.
  3. Paste the Url in to the Local Easel avatar url text field and select “get” and the image
    will show up on the screen.